• Donate to the education of our Kids Technology can change the way children think,
    what they learn, and how they interact with peers and adults.
    It can also "teach the same old stuff in a thinly disguised version of the same old way"

  • 100% of Donations When we promise 100% of all donations will go directly to obtaining computers and tablets for kids
    we are giving our donors a unique opportunity to get directly involved

Give a Laptop

By giving a laptop, you are helping children in the USA to explore the world's most wonderful places.

Educate Our Kids

The laptops help children build on their active interest in the world around them to engage with powerful ideas.

Can you Imagine?

With a laptop, kids actually Connect to Others, learn how to learn, Build new generation With the power to change the world.

Please Donate Today

Just $1 could change a kids life!

Donate $1

" I am now able to do my homework just like the other kids in my class!.... Thank you @techreact"


I can now Skype to mima and pa in Florida, i love talking to them.... Thanks


My mommy could not buy a computer, now I have one. Thank you very much!

$ 1 / MO
Billed Annually
$ 10 / MO
Billed Annualy

OR You donate your Working Computer

OR you can send it!

Donate computer to Charity! Donating your Working Computer, Laptop or Tablet is extremely simple. Your Donation is completely tax deductible and will make an amazing difference to families in need throughout the United States.

Ship Your Computer


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